"The destiny of nations lies far more in the hands of women, the mothers, than in the possessors of power, or those of innovators who for the most part do not understand themselves. We must cultivate women, who are the educators of the human race, else the new generation cannot accomplish its task."

~ Friedrich Froebel
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Farm Fresh

Happiness is: the smell of freshly mowed grass, bare feet and some sheep. The other day when Abby and I went out to take photos we decided this dress needed to be photographed with some farm animals. Of course, this fabric has darling chocolate cows, pudgy pigs, goofy geese, cheeky chickens and silly sheep on it. Once again mixing in a little school on the go and having some fun with words. Abby had such a great time with the sheep and they were thrilled to have someone feeding them handfuls of freshly cut grass. This is "Lauren", another of my favorites in some brand new fabrics that just arrived called "Farm Fresh". As soon as I saw these fabrics all I could think of was how perfect this dress would be for a County fair, family picnic or field trip to a local farm. Perhaps even the perfect dress for a extra special first day of kindergarten dress. Well, no need to worry I've put it all together for you and you can get this dress as a kit as well. Great news about the kits! After debuting them yesterday I have already sold a bunch of them and one of kit has already sold out! I'm so thrilled that you are enjoying them.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Lots of Samples Heading off to Chadwick Heirlooms





This week I have been busy working on a few samples to show at Chadwick Heirlooms. Pat asked me if I could make her some samples using some of her gorgeous fabrics so that people coming into the shop could see my designs in some of the fabrics she had available in her shop. Of course I was happy to  "go shopping" at Pat's for fabric. But I have to say, it wasn't easy narrowing it down to just a few choices. She has soooo many bolts of TDF fabrics I was honestly a bit overwhelmed and had a very hard time choosing. These are just a few of the pieces I made for her, there are also a few more but I'll save those for another post. I will be delivering all these beauties to Pat tomorrow. Yes, I could have mailed them to her but honestly...I am always looking for an excuse to drive up to Richmond to go visit her and see all the new treasures that have arrived at Chadwick's!!! Granted, I need more fabric like I need a hole in the head but, sometimes I just can't resist!

See you tomorrow Pat!


Friday, May 7, 2010

Parade Of Dresses~ Part 1

Abby and I had the most fantastic day yesterday on our photo shoot. We drove out to some historic Plantations, visited an old Parish Church, climbed an old magnolia tree, found an old abandoned one room schoolhouse and visited a local organic farm. At the end of the day we were both hot, sticky and exhausted but we both agreed it was the best day ever!

So for the next few days I am going to tell you more about our adventure and share some of our favorite photos. These are all the dresses I made for Art Gallery with their stunning fabrics that will be displayed in another week or so in Minneapolis at the International Spring Quilt Market of which I will be attending and I can't wait!!!

We started our trip at Shirley Plantation which is just about 35 miles away from us. Which is one of the many perks that we have living in such a beautiful part of the country. As we drove down the tree lined road it was truly like stepping back in time. The grounds were perfectly manicured and the gardens expansive. Abby Loved it!!! These photos were some of our first. Abby is wearing "Lauren" in fabrics from the "Sugar" collection. These photos were taken in the ladies garden which was in full bloom with the most gorgeous Iris...talk about a perfect backdrop!

Stop back tomorrow to see more!


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Still Working On Lauren!

I spent today writing and "tweeking" my soon to be released next pattern "Lauren". Oh, how I do love this one and it appears that a lot of other people do too. I have received a ton of email with questions about it's release date and I am thrilled that "she" is going to be so popular. So, keep your fingers crossed that it will be very soon.

In the meantime you can feast your eyes on this one! Terri sent me some gorgeous new Jennifer Paganelli prints from her latest collection "So St. Croix" to see what I could do with these beautiful prints. I have to say I really love the colors in this collection. They are so crisp and clear and just looking at them makes you feel all cool and tropical. Makes me want to make myself a frozen strawberry Margarita...virgin of course!

Abby and I had so much fun at the beach taking these pictures and I cannot even tell you how many people complimented her on her dress. I am sure this one is going to be well loved this summer...makes me want to make one for myself.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tyra Banks Watch Out!!!

Abby and I went down to the beach to stick our toes in the water and enjoy this unbelievably gorgeous Spring day. Hard to believe we were freezing our butts off just two weeks ago and today it's in the 80's! I'm sure that per-usual we will have our 2.5 days of Spring and then jump headfirst right into Summer here in Virginia. Oh, how I dread Summer, it's just too stinkin' HOT here!!! and I DO NOT do well in the heat. Needless to say Abby and I took full advantage of today. She asked if we could go take pictures and wanted to know if I had any new dresses for her to model and lucky for her I had 4 new ones waiting! She chose this one made from gorgeous ArtGallery Fabrics and I couldn't agree more, it's stunning.

Abby rocked our photoshoot! She is a complete natural. I don't even have to tell her what to do. I just snap the pictures while she poses. I was cracking up the whole time thinking..."Oh boy, am I going to have my hands full in a few more years with this one!"

BTW if you are interested in these fabrics you can get them here!!! They are spectacular and the perfect weight for easy breezey summer dresses!!!

Oh, just in case you were wondering...This is "Lauren" my next pattern which is due out within the next few weeks!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

...Just When You Think "She Might Start To Slow Down".....

That's right....the next pattern is already in the works. Actually, I have been working on this one "In my head" for a while but I decided to take advantage of my insomnia and give it a test run. Needless to say...I really love the way this one turned out! So, as soon as "Sabrina" is done I will begin working on this one...Psssst....I'll be honest, I have already started writing it. This one is called "Lauren". Abby thinks this one is "Awesome, because of the big pockets to keep treasures in". I think I like the big buttons and the fun loops instead of button holes the best. What do you think?



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