Sunday, August 7, 2011

Farm Fresh

Happiness is: the smell of freshly mowed grass, bare feet and some sheep. The other day when Abby and I went out to take photos we decided this dress needed to be photographed with some farm animals. Of course, this fabric has darling chocolate cows, pudgy pigs, goofy geese, cheeky chickens and silly sheep on it. Once again mixing in a little school on the go and having some fun with words. Abby had such a great time with the sheep and they were thrilled to have someone feeding them handfuls of freshly cut grass. This is "Lauren", another of my favorites in some brand new fabrics that just arrived called "Farm Fresh". As soon as I saw these fabrics all I could think of was how perfect this dress would be for a County fair, family picnic or field trip to a local farm. Perhaps even the perfect dress for a extra special first day of kindergarten dress. Well, no need to worry I've put it all together for you and you can get this dress as a kit as well. Great news about the kits! After debuting them yesterday I have already sold a bunch of them and one of kit has already sold out! I'm so thrilled that you are enjoying them.


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