Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Taking A Break From Sewing

Hello Dear Friends,

These past few weeks have been a time of deep soul searching and difficult decision making for me. After a lot of sleepless nights and anxiety filled days, I have made the very difficult decision to take a break from sewing and designing for Olabelhe. I knew this day would come but, none the less it's still very difficult. My kiddos are growing up and right now they need me more than ever. Their homeschooling schedules have become very involved and that's where I need to concentrate all of my time and energy. Teaching four different grades is a feat within itself. Our days are filled with so much wonder and excitement about learning that there is little time for anything else. The store will remain open and pattern sales will continue as normal and I will always be here to answer your questions.



Dawn E. Brown said...

good for you Dawn, Blessings, Dawn E. Brown

Laurie said...

Hi Dawn,

I'm glad to hear what you have been up to. Life does move us on.

Ronda said...

Love those Kiddos bunches cause they grow fast! Will miss ya and your designs, but I have quite a collection of patterns to draw from. Hope to hear from you again soon.

countrycuttins said...

Just keep your notebook handy to jot down any little sketches that come to mind, so when you are ready to design, you will have tons of ideas!! Happy homeschooling and enjoy your kiddos as much as you can, as the time passes much to quickly :)

Heather said...

Well, I totally understand your reasons, but I can't say I'm not sad! LOL. (as if it's about me, right?)

As a fellow home schooling mama, I know how demanding it is, particularly when everyone's in a different grade!

Please let us know if you come up with more patterns. I feel like you're my "dealer" and I need to get a fix! haha!


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