Tuesday, November 26, 2013

More Closet Purging & Lots of "Clara's"!

It's time for some more purging of Miss Abigail's closet. This past weekend I ventured in there and was just heartbroken looking at all those dresses that I have made and are now completely outgrown. My little girl is really growing up and getting so tall. Needless to say I have gazillions of things that need to find new homes. I just hate the thought of them wasting away and not being loved by another little girl. Remember all these have only been worn once for modeling purposes only!!! Goodness, knows there are far too many of them to be worn for "real occasions". With the holidays right around the corner I thought it might be a good idea to offer up some of the more "holiday-ish" dresses. Remember all these are one of a kind pieces and I cannot reproduce them.

"Gingerbread Clara" SOLD
Inspired by a gingerbread making party that I had with my kiddos.
Dreamy gingerbread colored cotton with with pin dots, trimmed in red ric-rac and red ribbons with lots of pretty "Eyelet Icing" and adorable red and white polka dot buttons down the back and a big red sash that ties in a beautiful bow in the back.
Size 8-10
To see more photos click here
 $65.00 + shipping

"Sapphire Clara"
This one is simply stunning and in all honesty the photographs do not due it justice. Made from super soft sapphire blue pin wale corduroy, which feels like velvet and trimmed with gorgeous white lace and accented with silvery grey ribbons and a matching sash with a ribbon rosette
 ( which is removable) and little covered buttons down the back.
I truly loved this one on her . . .It's truly an heirloom!
Size 8-10
To see more photos click here
$75.00 + shipping

"Traditional Clara"
This was the very first "Clara" that I made for Miss Abigail which caused quite the stir and countless requests for a pattern to make this dress.
This one is all done in red with black trim and gorgeous white eyelet.
Size 6-7
To see more photos click here
$65.00 + shipping

"Nutcracker Clara" SOLD
Oh, I love this one too!!!!
All done up in a soft grey plaid with salmony-pink accents, this one is just so pretty! 
I've used ivory lace to trim this one and it's just so delicate and feminine. I hate to see these go!
Size 8-10
To see more photos click here
$65.00 + shipping

If you are interested in any of these dresses for your little girl please email me with any questions you might have. My hope is that all these find new homes and very excited little girls to be wearing them this holiday season. 


In case you would like order the pattern to make this dress yourself
click here to find out more about this pattern

Have a Wonderful and Safe Holiday!!!!


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