Monday, October 31, 2011

I Have A Surprise for You!

"Clara" is all done! E-book completed and paper patterns sitting here ready to be shipped! This time I decided to wait until I had everything ready to go before I said anything. I just need to load everything into my shop and I hope to do that later tonight after we go out trick or treating. I am so excited about this dress and I'm sure you are all going to love this design. I made this one using some absolutely gorgeous royal blue feather wale cord that looks and feels more like velvet and did all the trimmings in white and silvery gray. I just love all the details on this dress. lace, ribbons, tiny little covered doesn't get much better than this! Okay, so while I take the kids out... start thinking about all the wonderful color combinations and start planning your holiday dresses. I have another Clara to share with you, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. I promise to get the patterns in the shop no later than tomorrow, they are all just sitting here waiting.

Update ~ All the new patterns are now available at Happy Shopping!!!



Colleen said...

I have been anxiously waiting for this pattern. I love all the ribbon and lace! Now to do some planning as to what fabric to use.

Laurie said...

I found my beautiful Christmas homespun plaid in the stash and have many yards of it!

I just love the lace around the bottom. What kind of fabric is the sash made from?

Dawn said...

The sash on this dress was made from a gorgeous silvery gray taffeta, but you could make it out of just about any fabric that isn't too bulky and would tie into a pretty bow.

Colleen said...

is feather wale corduroy the same as the 21 wale corduroy.


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