Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Anyone Interested???

"Mini Miranda"

"Mini Meg"

I was going through some boxes in my sewing room today and came across these little beauties. I made these a while back just for fun. Sadly, Abby never really got into the whole doll thing. So, I've decided that these Olabelhe Mini's need to find a new home. I know there is someone out there who might like to add these to their AG wardrobe. Each outfit is being sold separately. Both outfits do not include the shoes or the dolls, but I am happy to include the hat with the Mini Meg. Keep in mind these are both one of a kind outfits and I will be selling them on a first come first serve basis. So, if you are interested please email me for details. Just think...Christmas is right around the corner and maybe you know a little girl, or even a big girl who might love to find one or both of these under the tree this year.

Email me at
for details

Here is a link to the original post

Both Dresses have been sold...thanks to everyone for their interest. 

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