Tuesday, October 15, 2013

We're Ready For Goblins & Ghouls

About a week or so ago the kids started "reminding me" that it was time to put out all of our Fall/Halloween decor. Hmmm I though, this is going to be a problem. With all the changes in decor in the past year in the house the traditional Fall colors were just not going to work. So, how the heck was I going to turn our main living space which is now mainly black, white and aqua into a festive Fall/Halloween mood. All I can say it thank goodness for Pinterest. I went there to get a little push in the right direction and before I knew it I had a plan. I used a bunch of items I already had on hand and then hit the shops to see what I could find in black and white holiday decor. Thankfully, the selection wasn't totally picked over and I managed to find several things that I could use. One of my favorite details is the wall over the fireplace. That is normally a branch with bluebirds on it but we cut out silhouettes of black bats and a moon and simply taped them over the birds to disguise them for Halloween, at christmas time they become cardinals. That all worked perfectly for the black and white but how to add aqua? Hmmmm . . . how about some mama-made pumpkins in black, white and aqua? A few years ago I made a bunch of more traditional pumpkins and they were a huge hit, so I decided to go through my stash and pick out some pretty fabrics that I could make into pumpkins. The result was a lot of really adorable and totally unique additions to add to our holiday finery. The kids scattered all 18 of them all over the place.

Then my kids reminded me that we needed to add some lime green into the mix because we have some of that color in the kitchen and they suggested that I make up a bunch of Granny Smith apples. Clever kids, they were absolutely right we needed just a pinch of green in the mix and here they are. 8 perfect little happy apples tucked into a pretty wire bowl. They make me smile and now everyone is happy. The house is bedecked and ready for the holiday. Bring on the little goblins and ghouls.



Unknown said...

I love that your kids reminded you to add the apple green color as well. Sounds like they are pretty design savvy!

Ronda said...

Sooo pretty! you have quite the creative bunch. I love fall and all the colors of fall and I love your colors too so modern and fresh. I must just love colors. LoL


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