Thursday, September 27, 2012


As you can see, Abby has taken her role as a "New Mommy" very seriously. Needless to say, these kittens are getting spoiled rotten. Especially when it comes to little Linus. He is the most "lovey" of the bunch and is more than happy to be snuggled and loved-on as much as possible, as you can see. The other evening he was restless and Abby scooped him up and wrapped him up in one of her doll blankets and carried him around rocking him like a babe and he fell fast asleep in her arms purring like a little motor boat the entire time. It was absolutely precious. Abby was insisting that everyone stay quiet so as to not wake "the baby" and he slept in her arms like that for well over an hour as she walked with him gently swaying just like a new mommy. Abby, has never taken to dolls, she has only ever wanted to play with her stuffed animals and "play Mommy" with them. Well, now she has the real thing and she is in seventh heaven!


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Jan said...

I think I could just die from the cuteness in that picture!


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