Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Home School Field Trip

We've had a very busy and exciting start to our week. On Monday the kids and I spent the early part of the day doing school work and then I loaded everyone into the car to go get hair cuts and run a few errands and then yesterday our little homeschool group headed off on a fun adventure to a local museum where we had a fantastic time with our guide Mr. Mike learning all about the Watermen of the Chesapeake Bay! The kids went fishing and clamming and had a total blast. From there we found a beautiful spot on the water to settle in for a picnic and lots of time for the kids to play and explore. We watched the boats on the water and played in the sand. But I think the highlight of the day is when the kids decided to take advantage of the big grassy hill. They climbed to the top and rolled down time after time and giggled out of control, Abby especially!

Gosh, wouldn't it be great if everyday was this much fun! Today, we are back at home finishing up our animal studies and working on practicing our handwriting, which I am sure will be a complete drag compared to rolling down a hill at top speeds, but we'll get through it I'm sure. I also have something fun planned for the kids in preparation for our next give-a-way with Red Hen Toys! So, watch for that. Then this afternoon I hope to spend some time in my studio working on finishing up a few things and maybe, just maybe play with a new idea I have! 



Laurie said...

What fun! Just one of the many things I'd love to do! Oh well, this week I'll just have to enjoy the sewing show.

Rachel Proffitt said...

Oh we love Yorktown :) We always have to walk along the beach when we go there... and then up into the Old Town and visit Swan Tavern :)
Sounds like a lovely day.


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