Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yeah!!! Another Red Hen Toys Give-A-Way!

This is so cool! It's called a Kaleidograph and it's a lot of fun. This morning Henry and I sat down for some special time together and I brought it out for him to play with for the first time. Within seconds he was creating beautiful designs simply by stacking the beautifully colored cards on top of one another to make endless designs. Each side of the cards are colored differently which make it possible to make even more combinations. These simple, yet genius cards were designed based upon geometry in nature and these simple, yet complex designs are the very same that influenced Albert Einstein, Buckminster Fuller, Piet Mondrian and Frank Lloyd Wright! Very, very cool! While playing with these I was inspired myself and it made me think of all the amazing quilt designs you could come up with using the Kaleidograph. So, if you are a quilter, you might really love these!!! These kept Henry fascinated for quite a while and I have to admit I was enjoying playing with them as well.

Red Hen Books & Toys

Scott at Red Hen Toys would love to offer one lucky winner their own 
Just leave a comment on my blog 
and let us know what some of your favorite educational toys 
are for your children or grandchildren.

I am always searching for new and interesting things to share with my kids to spark their imaginations and with Christmas right around the corner I am already looking for great finds to put under our tree.

This give-a-way will close on Sunday, September 30th, 2012 
at midnight
So, please leave a comment here to enter to win!
We will announce the winner on Monday.

Thanks again to Scott for sharing some of his amazing finds with us.

Congrats to lucky number 15
Please email me with you info so we can get your gift out to you!



HandbagsbyJen said...

We love to play with playdough. We make numbers, letters, shapes many different things. Also great for mixing colors.
Thanks for the chance to win.

audreysattic said...

We love to play games all kinds. We also put together lots of puzzles.

Joan and Kevin said...

I love educational toys and this one is great! I am a grandmother. Right now my granddaughter loves putting shapes in a box. Thanks for the giveaway!

Sandie said...

I love any toy or activity that encourages creativity! Do not, and will not have a video game system in my house. I keep a box of creative thought type toys in my dining room for all of my little family and friends, and they never miss the Video games when they are here, and actually ask to come play at my house! These would be a great addition to my collection!

anke-art said...

I'm a teacher for early art and music education, and I often let the kids experiment with colors or random craft material. It's awesome what they come up with! And we make up our own songs :)

cotton1221 said...

We love all things creative here. Things like this are perfect in that they are open ended and can be used differently every time. Thanks for another great giveaway!

Debbie said...

OOOOOOO....I think all 8 of my grandchildren would think this is a wonderful toy! And I could keep it in my kitchen for those times when I need 10 more minutes to finish their dinner.

Terri Sue said...

After raising two, and now babysitting for one of those, being blessed with two grandchildren, I guess I have two. Plain wooden blocks, it's amazing what they can build on their own without instructions and just imagination. The other is puzzles. It's so much fun as they go through the three piece big knob puzzle to now our granddaughter is on 100 Piece puzzles. But I just bought some new ones for her baby brother of the three piece kind. He just turned one. Dawn, thank you for the chance.

Amy said...

One of our favorite "toys" from when my oldest was 6 months old is a playsilk. I love how open ended they are, there isn't anything they can't become.

Pattij said...

My grandkids have all kinds of electronic toys at their house, but they keep going back to the basics of blocks and puzzles and lincoln logs. Thanks for the giveaway!

Heidi said...

These look so unique and fun! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

inga said...

Also I would like sign up for these super candy. My doughter love puzzles.

Anonymous said...

My girls have all loved blocks and puzzles.

lapappilon said...

I want to play with you...please enter my name....
My son loves to build. building blocks, boxes, mud and sand.

Eva from Serbia

Anonymous said...

Those are so neat. I bet Reagan will love them. Some of our favorite toys and playthings are art supplies, musical instruments and playsilks.

April said...

We play with fabric pieces and buttons

April said...

We play with fabric pieces and buttons


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