Thursday, May 24, 2012

What Did We Ever Do Before Pinterest?

I don't know about you, but I adore Pinterest! It's been a lifesaver when it comes to gathering ideas for so many things but, especially for our renovations. I have spent many a sleepless night browsing and pinning to start putting together a story board for our new kitchen. I had the basic idea in my head but seeing other photos of what other people had done with their kitchens helped more than I can say. As for our kitchen, well it's coming along really nicely, but not after several major hiccups in the plan and having to rethink several things. Many of those things are things you would never know or figure out until you are smack dab in the middle of the project and then you are thrown a curve ball and you go onto a new plan of attack. We've had a few of those come up. Today the plumber comes to hook up my new sink which I am  so excited about. Then we have to wait until next week for the work to resume. Fingers crossed that maybe just maybe it might all be done within the next two weeks because I can't tell you how anxious I am to have my house back to normal again! Anyway, I am leaving you today with a little collage I put together of just some of the ideas I saw and loved on Pinterest! Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!



Annelies said...

Hi Dawn....glad things are going better for you. I sent an email last week about a mistake I found in your Olivia pattern. No where in your pattern does it say what size to cut the elastic. Only to scrunch to 5inches, but seems like each size would be different???
I wasn't sure you were getting to your email, so thought you might respond thru your blog. I would SEW appreciate your help on this.
I have the pattern, fabric and project partially sewn, but had to stop to have this question addressed. Thanks.

Le Manoir de Manon said...

Hi Dawn,
Very nice kitchen!
I really like!!!

JOY @ said...

BC Pinterest? Copied and saved pictures, links, notes/ideas into a Word file (really the free Open Office.) I still do that if it's REALLY something I want to make sure I keep. I resize the pics and use 2 columns on one sheet and have, right now, a 111 page book. I can't tell you how many pics & ideas I've lost to technology both on my computer and online. (I'm a former tech teacher.) So, the hard copy thing still works for me. HOWEVER, Pinterest does allow you to share the wonderful ideas you have in your head and I do enJOY seeing the ideas you have. Love your blog.


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