Sunday, May 27, 2012

Welcome To Turtle Cove

Photo found on Flickr from J. Gilbert

Yup, Abby found another turtle! But this one was different from all the others she has found so far. So, we did some research to find out what type of turtle this one was. Apparently this one is a Eastern Painted Turtle. The kids were super excited about this one as it was much different from the others they have discovered and were anxious to find out as much as they could about this new variety. This morning when they woke up they went out to check on Mr. Turtle and much to our surprise Mr. Turtle is actually Mrs. Turtle and she laid 5 eggs! So currently we are reading all about care of turtle eggs and we hope that in a few months we just may have 5 babies that we can release back into the wild like all the others we have relocated to our favorite local nature preserve. 

It's never dull around here!


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Ronda said...

Children are certainly a blessing from God and they make our lives so full and blessed (wether finding turtles or playing piano)they make our lives rich!


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