Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Simply Gorgeous!!!

Photo from Kinder Kouture

Just look at this! One of the things that I love the most is when I see/hear that people are having fun with my designs and especially when they add a few of their own special touches to make it their own. That's exactly what Jeannine did with my "Natalie" here. I absolutely love how she made some changes to my design to make it even more spectacular! It's one of my goals as a designer to inspire other sewers to be creative and inventive when sewing and to think outside the box. For the most part following a pattern is pretty easy for most people but, it's when you look beyond the original design and add your own special flair, that's when the magic really starts to happen. You know. . . you've all had one of those moments where you've made something extraordinary and you just stand back and admire your accomplishment and you say to yourself "Wow, I really outdid myself with this one!" and you feel a tremendous sense of pride in your creativity and skill. That's the best feeling! So, I encourage all of you to experiment and have fun with your sewing projects. Try new things and make it your own.


btw... if you just love this dress like I do. Jeannine is offering it in her shop.

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