Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kitten Wishes

Kitten photo taken from the web, as I didn't have my camera with me to get a photo of the kitten in the drain but this photo looks a lot like the one in the drain.

We've had an interesting few days and it's been all about kittens! Abby has been begging, and I do mean BEGGING us for a kitten for over two years now. She is just crazy in love with them and desperately wants one of her very own. We already have a cat, Milo who has been with us for 14 years now and we have explained about 100 times that Milo would probably not be very happy with the addition of a kitten to our family. Still, Abby is certain that everything will be fine with time and lots of love for both of them. Ole and I are not quite as convinced. Well, this is where our little story really starts to get interesting. On Friday, Abby and I went out to run a few errands including going to get her hair trimmed. We decided to try out a new place and when we arrived they asked us if we could come back in about 45 minutes or so because all their stylists were currently busy. No problem! One of our favorite frozen yogurt places was right around the corner so we walked over for a little treat while we waited. We ate our yogurt outside because it was a perfect warm and sunny afternoon and we wanted to sit by one of our favorite special places, actually a really beautiful fountain, but my kids have always called it the "Wishing Well"! Of course, Abby asked if I had any pennies in my purse so that she could make a wish and when I went digging in the depths of my bag I could only find one lone penny...just one! Abby was fine, and she said "That's okay mommy, I have only one wish anyway and you know what that is!" I responded with "Yes, I know what you are going to wish for, but don't say it out loud or it wont come true." She held on to the penny, rubbed it and closed her eyes really tight and threw it in. Right after that I said "Okay, we have to head back over to the salon because it's almost time." We started walking and she asked "Do you think my wish is going to come true?" I said "Well, you just never know." Then it happened...not 3 minutes after Abby made her wish, it came true. We were walking and all of a sudden we heard a faint "mew- mew" coming from the underground drain. We both looked over and there peeking it's head out from the drain was the sweetest little grey kitten. Of course you can just imagine how we both reacted. We went over to the drain and tried to persuade the little kitten to come out but no luck. It was very obvious that this baby was the offspring of a ferrel cat. However, this little one still needed our help. My guess was that this little miracle was about 4-6 weeks old. Abby and I tried and tried crawling around on the ground and doing everything we could to get the little one to come out. Still no success. We started to draw a lot of attention as you can imagine when they saw us crawling around and several people offered to help. We even went to the closest market to get some cat food to try to coax him out. No luck. Abby was of course very upset thinking about that little kitten down in the drain. But we had been there for 3 hours trying to get him to come out with no luck. Later that evening Abby and Ole went back over to try again still no luck. But this story does have a silver lining. Yesterday we did go back to the salon to get Abby's hair trimmed and of course all the ladies in the salon knew about the kitten by then. The stylist who cut Abby's hair pulled me aside and asked if we really wanted Abby to have a kitten, because she has two cats that just had kittens and if it was okay she would love for Abby to have one. So, now we are parents-to-be for a new fur baby. The kittens are just 2 weeks old so we have to wait until they are old enough to leave their mama but then it looks like we may have a new family member. So, it looks like Abby's wish did come true after all. We are going to go back over to try to rescue the kitten again today but if we are still unsuccessful I am going to alert our local humane society in hopes that they will have better luck than us trying to rescue this little one. 


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