Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just A Little Something I've Been Working On. . .

After making all those "Olivia's", I was itching to make something a little different. I wanted to go back to where I began and create something with a bit of a vintage feel but that was still wearable. I started with a Babydoll dress for the silhouette and added lots and lots of details. Then I added the sweet little pantaloons and the hat (my Victoria's Bonnet"). Now, before you ask, no, I am not planning on turning this into a pattern. This is just something I did for fun! With Abby turning eight today I know my days are dwindling to make things like this for her to wear. My plan is to take her out and take some extra special photos and I will be sure to share them with you. I still have a lot of hand sewing to do on this one including sewing on a ton of little covered buttons down the entire back of the dress. I can't wait to see this on her, but it will have to wait. Currently she is at the Zoo with her Dad and brothers to celebrate her b'day. I stayed behind to prepare for her birthday celebration this evening.

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To answer a few questions asked by Laurie:

1. What type of fabric did you use? Believe it or not this entire outfit is made from a very soft and nice quality muslin. It's extra soft and after it was washed it had the soft wispy feel that I wanted. So, I decided to use it.

2. What about the flowers on the hat? Those were also made from the same muslin and they are really easy to make. Almost no sewing is required at all. If you like, I would be happy to show you all how to make them? As for the other little organdy flowers on the hat,  those were purchased at JA. Then I just added a beautiful white satin ribbon where the brim meets the body of the hat and then added a bow. Honestly, it was really easy and took less than an hour or so to make.

3. What about the pleated trim? That I did all by hand. I started with a really long strip of fabric that was 1 1/2" wide for around the neck and the sleeves. Then I used my serger to add a rolled hem to it. Then I just started pleating and pleating and pleating. The trim around the bottom of the dress is 2 1/2" wide but done the same way.

4. What muslin did you use? I think, but I'm not sure that the muslin is from Spechler-Vogel. However, I can't promise that's correct. I just had some yardage in my stash that I've had for a while and I "think" that's where it came from??? it's really super soft and airy similar to Batiste or Imperial broadcloth. I'm thinking of making Abby some nightgowns for this summer because it seams like it would be super comfy and cool.



Laurie said...

Very sharp! I love the hat. I have the pattern and just returned from a hat related class. Now I'm really inspired.

Maybe you could share some of the "how to's". Things like, type of fabric used, how you made the bouquet on the hat, what you used for fabric, and how wide your pleated trim is and what it is made of.

Colleen said...

first Happy Birthday to Abby! hopes she has a wonderful day!
I Like the dress very much. Looks like a fun one to make.

Laurie said...

I'd love to have you show us how to make the flowers!

Are you willing to drop the name of the high quality muslin and where you got it? Chadwick's? Muslin is become a very popular fabric to use especially in vintage clothing, but I want to be sure to end up with the good stuff. ;-)

Ronda said...

Very vintage inspired! beautiful

DollieDimples Boutique said...

Love the vintage feel of this dress, but my favorite is a clean white dress. So beautiful, I just love it.


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