Saturday, March 24, 2012


detail of bird applique

Calling All Fellow Shoppers! I'm putting out an A. P. B. !!!

I NEED your help! I found the perfect curtains for my kitchen/family room they are exactly what I was looking for. Light and airy with an applique of a little green bird on them but, I cleaned out every one that my store had. They are so popular they even pulled them off their website. I called all the other stores within a 3 hour drive radius and they too were sold out of them...ARGH! I am now on a waiting list for them but would really like to have them before the expected arrival date of JULY!!! So, here's my request if any of you live near a World Market and if you just happen to be in there shopping could you  please look for them for me. I will be eternally grateful. The store has a policy where they cannot take phone orders so my hands are kind of tied, otherwise I would be calling all over the country looking for them.

Here are some more details. . .

They are called ~ "Botanical Burnout" Window Curtain
Price ~ $24.99 each
and I need three of them.  if you find them, of course I will reimburse you for them and be more than happy to pay for the shipping.

Thank you in advance if you even happen to look. But my fingers are crossed that someone out there will find them for me.

UPDATE!  My curtains have been found! Thank You again Roxann!!!


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