Thursday, March 22, 2012

Goin' Green

Photo from Pinterest

Sorry, I've been a little quiet over the past few days. I decided to take a little vacation from sewing and dive into another home improvement project. . . painting my kitchen! If you remember a few months ago I was itching to give my kitchen a bit of a make over and I was contemplating painting it red. Well, after further research I changed my mind because the concept of having to put 5-6 coats of red on these walls was not exactly what I had in mind. Especially because my kitchen is fairly sizable. So, I shelved that idea and put my kitchen redo on the back burner so to speak. Well, with Spring in full bloom around here I couldn't help myself the other day and I went to Home Depot to start looking at paint chips and I decided on a lovely shade of celery green and I really like it. I had started poking around on Pinterest and saw this photo and really loved the cool and calming feeling it had. At first I wasn't sure because it was such a big change going from a rich chocolate brown to such a bright and sunny color but now we are all loving it! Plus I have to say it makes my kitchen look about 5 times bigger. Today, I will be back at it as soon as the sun comes up and I really hope that I can finish it today. Then to find some really pretty fabric to recover my kitchen chairs and then to accessorize. Then to start working on the powder room.



Beverly Dillow said...

I can't wait to see your completed kitchen. Green is such a peaceful color!

Ronda said...

Oh I love that green! It is so fresh and clean looking! Isnt pinterest fun?


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