Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Decorating Made Easy

I'm taking a little break from sewing these days and really enjoying the holiday season with my kiddos. We've been having so much fun decorating and their new mantra is "if isn't moving ... let's decorate it!" They wanted to get in on the fun so we decided to make some of our own ornaments from simple things we had at home home already... and we always have a huge supply of paper. These are as easy as can be and go together really quickly once you get the hang of it. I found a tutorial for them here. We've made dozens of them and the kids asked if we could share some of them with our friends and neighbors along with the mailman, UPS guy, FedEx guy, garbage collectors, recycling men, etc. You get the idea. I'm thinking they would be so festive in a simple cellophane bag tied up with a pretty ribbon and a nice little card wishing them a Happy Holiday. Just a little something to let them know we are thinking about them and appreciate all that they do for us throughout the year. So far we've only made them in solid colors but I am itching to test them out on pretty holiday scrapbook paper. Hmmm and I even think I have some Joann's coupons can use.


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K @ Aurora Blythe said...

I adore these sweet little balls of holiday fun! Thanks for posting.


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