Saturday, December 10, 2011

Oh, Deer!

What to do on a quiet Saturday morning when everyone is still sleeping??? How about making a sweet family of reindeer to add to our holiday finery. I came up with this idea after seeing those clever yard decorations of deer that I've seen for years. You know the ones...they are constructed of several flat pieces that all fit together cleverly with a series of slits in various places. Anyway, I thought..."if they can be made with wood, why not paper?" So, I started experimenting. I used basic cardstock that is available at JoAnn's or Michaels but to add more stability I opted to glue two pieces together. Then I cut out basic shapes like a body, ears, antlers, legs and a tail and also the braces to make it more three dimensional so they will stand up more easily. Then I added a tiny bit of detail with a black marker and finally I made each deer a different little holiday blanket. This project was really easy and so much fun, just a little time consuming to make all the pieces. Can you tell I'm having fun being creative with things other than fabric? Even though I decided to give myself the month off from sewing to re-energize and relax, I still have this incredible need to be creative every day. I wonder what tomorrows' project will be?



barb said...

Very cute. My Mr. Made me deer similar for our yard this year.

kr said...



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