Monday, December 5, 2011

The Halls Are Decked...

Phew...what a week it's been. As you can see I've been just a little busy. Christmas decorating at our house is quite the production and this year I didn't even do as much as I usually do, crazy... I know! For my kids this is honestly the best part of Christmas, when we turn our house into a Christmas wonderland. Complete with an old fashioned candy shoppe filled with all kinds of classic sweets, small toys and gifts and a cash register so the little ones can pretend to be shop keepers. We have been doing this for years and it's one of the highlights for them each year. This year we decided to use the China cabinet that used to be in my studio as a Toy Shoppe and we filled it with some of the kids favorites toys from years gone by. Each year we always add a little more to our line-up. This year the kids voted that we give the powder room a holiday makeover and we decided to go with a penguin theme. I just wish I could get some better shots from in there but with my camera lens I can't get too close to things and lets face it it's a powder room so it's not exactly huge. But I will tell you that it's just adorable and now it's the only bathroom that anyone wants to use because it's so much fun. I just have a few more little touches to add like the big red bow on the wreath over the fireplace and a few other minor adjustments here and there. There is a fire in the fireplace, holiday candles burning and yummy smells coming from the kitchen and we are all counting the days until Santa arrives. Hope you are all enjoying this very special time of year. The other day my very wise 9 year old said "Mom, do you know what the worst part of Christmas is?" puzzled I said "No, what is it?" and Elliott's response was "It ends!"



Misty said...

Beautiful!!! I'd love to be a kid at your house!!!

Ronda said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I knew you were a red girl! Its my favorite color too! Christmas is so much fun when seen through the eyes of childeren.Heres to counting down!


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