Monday, November 28, 2011

Busy Fingers

Abby knitting

My very first  attempt... not too bad for a newbie!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Ours was fun filled and action packed because my folks were in town visiting so that meant lots and lots of activity. However, over the weekend I also taught myself how to knit!'s been on my wish list of things to learn for a very long time and I finally sat down and figured it out this weekend. Needless to say, my little shadow was right at my side as always and completely fascinated with knitting and wanted to learn too. Well, the funny part about this is Santa told me that he got Abby this adorable knitting basket filled with yards and needles for one of her Christmas presents so I thought it would be a good idea for me to learn so that when the time came I could teach Abby how to do it too. But, she wanted to get started right away. So, we went out and she picked out her yarn and needles and as you can see she doing pretty darn awesome for a first try, and she is loving it! First thing this morning she came down stairs and wanted to start knitting right away and she's been busy for hours. Now, little Henry wants to learn how to knit too, but we are going to start him off with finger knitting and see how he does with that. I can see how this is going to be completely addicting and why so many people have taken up knitting and it's becoming very popular. I have to say that I'm just tickled to see so many things that used to be the norm for women making a huge comeback and people learning to love so many of the domestic arts all over again. Now, if someone could just come up with a clever way to make house cleaning an absolute blast! 



Samantha Caffee said...

YAY!!! You are both doing great! Good job Abby! Now you can knit little scarves for all of your animals!

All Things Beautiful said...

Looks good. Do you have any recommendations on books or videos for learning? I crochet, but have always had knitting on my someday list.

Dawn said...

Believe it or not... I taught myself by watching YouTube videos. there are a lot of really great tutorials and it was honestly really easy. I am still working on perfecting my knit stitch and then onto purling. But i will warn you...this is terribly addicting.

Great idea Sam, i will suggest it to Abby. I see lots of tiny little scarves being made in the near future.

Goosegirl said...

I want to learn! Ahnalin is learning to crochet from her Nana, but I haven't learned yet. Abby is doing great! SO are you!

But you have got to see the pillow Ahnalin made for India for Christmas! She won't let me post pics so I will have to email them to you. SOOOO cute!


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