Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Studio Photos

One of the things that has been on my "To Do" list for quite some time is to update the photos of my studio on my website. Some of you may remember that I gave myself a studio re-do for my birthday this year and completely re-did my sewing space. Well, that was back in April and here it is the beginning of November and I am finally getting around to updating the photos. I absolutely love my new space and as you all know I spend a lot of time in here so I wanted to make it pretty and functional.  "The Great Wall of Fabric" is so much better than what I had before and it's like having my very own fabric shop. How can you not love that!? The cutting table is a dream and makes life so much easier especially when I have all that great storage underneath for even more "Stuff". My sewing machines are perfectly positioned for efficient sewing and I am surrounded by all the things I need to be creative and bits of inspiration everywhere. Sadly, due to space constraints I had to say goodbye to my cozy chair where I used to curl up and do all of my thinking, planning and hand sewing but it just took up too much valuable real estate in my studio and honestly I'd rather have more space to house fabric than a chair. So, here are a few pictures I snapped yesterday of my studio. Now, you can see where it all happens. To see even more photos you can visit My Studio on my website. 



Ronda said...

Dawn this room is so lovely and organized. I am green over here! I can see how you are inspired in such a beautiful space. May you have many many wonderful hours in this space.

Gail said...

Happy Birthday to Henry! My birthday too, just a 'few' years earlier! lol!
Love your sewing room, Dawn. Absolutely stunning! Gives me inspiration.

organicmommy said...

That is absolutely amazing and exactly what I hope to someday have! It's beautiful!


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