Monday, November 7, 2011

It's All About The Shoes

Print Ballet Flat

Lately, I have been receiving a lot of emails about Abby's shoes/boots and where I find them all. Well, first of all let me say that "The girl loves shoes!" and she doesn't get that from me. I am happy in either my tennis shoes or my cute little Mary Jane style crocs, but Abby on the other hand is a little Imelda Marcos with a very impressive collection of all kinds of shoes and boots in every style and color. Where do I find them? Well, a lot of them I find on~line at places like but I also find them in various shops. The Children's Place has a fun and interesting collection of shoes and boots and often I find them at Gymboree, Old Navy, Stride Rite, Janie & Jack, Garnet Hill, J Crew, Mini Boden, Payless, Target, Nordstroms, Crazy 8's, and of course Ebay to name a few. I am forever looking for the next pair of great shoes for Abby's collection and then of course sometimes I find the shoes first and then build an outfit around the shoes which is always lots of fun. Currently Abby is really into animal prints especially giraffe and there a huge story that goes with that coming soon. I have found a few places that have giraffe print shoes but sadly not in Abby's size. So, if you see giraffe print shoes in a girls size 3 please let me know.

Update ~ The giraffe shoes have been located and purchased! I actually found them at Crazy 8's but they were sold out of Abby's size. However, determined mommy that I am I started calling every store until I found a store that had them in her size and they are being shipped out today! Score! Now to get busy on the giraffe outfit.


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