Monday, November 14, 2011

Special Offer

For some time now I've been wanting to offer special pricing for those customers who are interested in buying a bunch of my patterns at the same time. So, from now on, if you purchase 6 or more of my designs at the same time I am happy to offer you a 20% off discount. This applies to both E-books as well as the paper patterns. However, due to limitations of my website you will have to email or call me directly to do this. Just let me know which patterns you would like and you will receive personal attention and receive 20% off your purchase! So, if you are new to Olabelhe and want to start building your collection or a long time fan, this is a great way to build your Olabelhe library. This offer will not expire and I will honor it at anytime. Happy Shopping!



Jody said...

Shucks! Missed this great sale by 10 days. Just picked up 12 patterns. I can't wait for some of the "coming soon" patterns. Keep up the great designing.

audreysattic said...

Me too! I hope you do this offer again! The patterns I do not have are the ones that you have not released yet. Yes I am in love with your patterns.


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