Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer In Virginia's HOT outside! You can even see it in photo with the haze so thick it's hard to make out the horizon. But once again I need to receive the "Bad Mommy" award for dragging poor Abby out in this horrible weather for yet another photo shoot. Today we went over to Kingsmill Country Club out on the terrace to snap a few pictures. It's such a gorgeous location and even in the heat Abby had fun trying to catch butterflies and we enjoyed the view of the James River. This time she is wearing one of most popular designs "Natalie"all made up in this gorgeous print which just arrived and yes, this one is going to be a kit as well. I'm just about ready to debut the kits. Just a few more things to do and they will become available in my shop.



Emilie said...

Love the Natalie dress in this beautiful fabric. Can't wait for the kit to be available; although, I already own the pattern, so look forward to getting the fabrics. The Sabrina dress is also darling. My little 4 yr. old niece would look precious. Abby is a trooper and you're a wonderful Mom.

Julia said...

I adore this dress!!!!


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