Thursday, August 4, 2011


Forgive me for being a bit melancholy today, I have been reminiscing about a very special young man in my life ... Oliver! Today is his 12th birthday and I am sitting here wondering how 12 years have gone by since I first held my first born in my arms. He has grown so much not only in size but in every way. This photo was taken on his 3rd birthday. Long gone are the days of themed birthday parties and balloons. However he will still let me bake him a birthday cake, his favorite, my Banana cake. Sadly, he is now becoming a little camera shy and didn't want to pose for a 12 year old birthday pic knowing full well that I would put it on my blog, and to a 12 year old "That's embarrassing"! So this morning I was going through old photos and found this one and decided to use this one instead.

What can I say about Oliver? He's a great kid! Smart and extremely funny, he's our resident comedian, and honestly a pure joy to be around...most of the time! Currently, he's only about an inch shorter than me and we haven't even hit the big "P" yet, but it's coming. He is so much like his dad and loves anything "tech-y"and is a complete wiz on the computer. Oliver is also my right hand man in the kitchen and grocery shopping buddy. The child loves food and cooking and shopping for great things to eat. I am dreading the grocery bills that I know are heading our way when he really starts growing and begins to eat us out of house and home. I absolutely love the relationship I have with him, we talk about everything and we have an incredible bond that I really hope never changes. With his teens just a year away I have made him promise me that he will not become a dork and start thinking that mom and dad are clueless and he has all the answers, he smiled at me and said "Mom, I would never do that!" Well, we'll see.

Today we are going to have a special day at home. He got a new computer for his birthday and he is just over the moon about it. He did all the research himself and picked out everything needed to build it himself, well, maybe with a little help from his dad. So, I am sure he and Elliott will be busy all day putting it together. I will be baking his favorite cake and tonight I think we are all going out to celebrate.

Happy Birthday!


Laurie said...

Building a computer, what fun. Sounds like some thing that takes place at my house.

Happy Birthday Oliver!

Jan M said...

Happy Birthday to Oliver! Sweet memories to you. My son is much older, but they are always our babies. I have to look up to see his face, but I still see that same sweet face I first glimpsed in the delivery room!
I am not sure if I have ever mentioned that his name is a family name for us. We have lots of Olivers in our family, and I have always loved it.


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