Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"With Thanks & Gratitude!"

Deborah's Miranda Dress

I have to say that one of the best parts of what I do as a designer is hearing from so many of the people who buy my patterns. I absolutely love it when you take the time to write to me and share your stories and tell me about yourself, your family and of course your passion for sewing. The other day I received an email and it was titled "With Thanks & Gratitude". As I begin to read this amazing story my heart filled with pride and I felt so honored that Deborah was willing to share her story with me. Like me, Deborah has a love for sewing and creating beautiful things. When her boys were younger she started a small sewing business making baby items. Also, like me she named her business after her children in a fun mixed up way of using the letters in their names. The years past, her business closed and Deborah's boys grew up. Last year Deborah had a "near death" medical crisis and during her stay in the hospital she told me that she kept "getting hints" from her love of sewing that this was her path to recovery. Once she was back home her first order of business was to give back to the hospital which had given so much to her. During this time she also discovered my website and my patterns and she instantly fell in love with my "Miranda Dress" and she decided to make one to be showcased in the hospital's gift shop and tickets are being sold to raise money for the hospital which is in desperate need of funds to keep it going which is true of so many hospitals in her part of the world...Nova Scotia, Canada.

For me, this is what is truly all about! Kindness and gratitude and an abundance of good! With so many bad things happening everywhere it's these stories that remind me of the goodness that is in so many people and the desire to give to those who have touched them in a special way. So, thank you to Deborah for reminding us about taking the time to give back.

Just think if we all did something kind for someone else today...what would happen!

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