Monday, April 11, 2011

More of "Cecily" and "Darcy"....

Are you ready for a few more photos of "Cecily" & "Darcy"? After visiting with "Mr. & Mrs Duck" Abby asked to go visit her beloved horses so we went over to one of our favorite secret spots to see if the horses were in their paddock and indeed they were. Abby instantly hopped up on the fence and started calling for them as they were way on the other side of their meadow. Within a few seconds of her calling to them they both started trotting over to see her and she was just over-the-moon! "See mom, they remember me!" We visited with "Milk Chocolate" & "Dark Chocolate" (as she dubbed them) for quite a while and Abby had fun feeding them bunches of clover, but she insisted that next time we bring something special for them like apples or carrots. This child absolutely loves animals and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if she chose a career someday having to do with them. She has no fear whatsoever, and is ready to get right in there and do whatever needs to be done and she is not the least bit squeamish about anything. She would make an amazing vet especially with larger animals. 

 .... about to make a really goofy face....

and Yes, my child is a total "goofball". One of the questions I get asked a lot is how do I manage to get so many great photos of Abby and is she always so poised.....the answer is NO! I have tons and tons of awful pictures and after every photo shoot I have to sift through all of them to pick out the best ones. Yesterday alone I took about 700 photos, and I have to say we got a LOT of really awesome pictures and it was tricky narrowing them down. But yesterday Abby was in a great mood, the weather was perfect and we were both having fun and laughing a lot. I think one of the keys to getting great pictures is really making it fun for kids and knowing when and how to get the best shots. 

Oh, just incase your curious about the fabrics in this version of "Cecily" & "Darcy" they are made from some wonderful new fabrics Terri just got in from In The Beginning Fabrics from a collection called "Phoebe"and you can get them at FF&L and even better everything is currently on sale!!! 


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