Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Cecily" & "Darcy"

 Yes, yes...they are almost done!!! Just a few more little touches to add to these 2 new patterns and they will be done. I have been waiting and waiting for a picture perfect day to get some new photos so I can make a new cover for "Darcy". Yes, can you believe it..I actually made a pattern for the skirt. I received soooo many requests for it I just couldn't say no. "Darcy" is my version of the ever popular twirly skirt, and yes, mine is quite different from others because I use my hand pleating technique in this one as well.
Anyway, Today was the day...Abby and I couldn't wait out get out and enjoy this PERFECT Spring day and as you will see over the next few posts I took a ton of photos because Williamsburg in the Spring is just so pretty! So...without further ado here are some photos of Abby modeling "Cecily" and "Darcy" with just a basic simple little white T-shirt that was purchased at Target. As you can see it makes for a darn cute Spring/Summer outfit!

When are those teeth going to finally come in???

 and without "Cecily"...

The plan is to have both of these new patterns ready for you this week. Plus, I have another surprise for you as well, so check back for news about that very soon.


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Laurie said...

I can't wait to hear what you've been up to!


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