Friday, April 15, 2011

It's Been A Busy Week!

 I've been extra busy putting the final touches on both "Cecily" and "Darcy" and also working on my little surprise for you! A brand new design that I have been working on, and kept secret for the last few weeks!

Mommy Disclaimer: Please excuse the tons of photos...but, it was such a perfect day and there were just too many pretty shots with all the gorgeous flowers and Abby and I were having so much fun together.

Meet "Jenna"!

This is a super fun and easy sundress and as you can see it's perfect for so many things. You can dress it up or make it very casual. In these photos I have Abby wearing a sweet little camisole underneath. I made the straps longer so that it could be worn with any kind of little top underneath. However, if you would prefer, you can adjust the buttons on the back to make it a more traditional sundress and it can be worn on it's own!

Oh, by the way...Abby says..."This new pattern is one of her favorites"! So, if a review from my fashion savvy seven year old means anything to you, you may just want to add this dress to your list of pretty dresses to make this Spring!!!

and another "Jenna" this time in bright, sunny colors!

The great news is "Jenna" is just about finished as well! My goal is to have all these ready this weekend to send off to the printers first thing Monday morning. Of course the PDF versions will be available sooner! So, that's 3 new patterns for you!!!!!



Laurie said...

You have been busy! How cute!

My husband was right. He said your surprise was going to be a dress.

Chris said...

I never tire of looking at your photos of Abby modeling in your gorgeous dresses. Thanks for the new pattern!

Karen said...

Love love LOVE this with a capital L~

Jana M. said...

GORGEOUS!!! Quick question for you, does she wear a pettiskirt under those dresses or are they just that full and pretty on their own? I love this one.


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