Thursday, April 7, 2011

What I've Been Up To The Past Few Days....

A Brand New Sewing Room!!!!

Okay, before I even begin to share this story I have to say....I absolutely LOVE Ikea, but if I never build another piece of furniture again...I will be okay! Ouch, my poor back is killing me from being in all kinds of crazy positions to build all this stuff. Okay, I'm going to stop whining now! 

For the past few months my old sewing room was really beginning to get on my nerves. Although it was very pretty and had a lot of charm it just wasn't working for me anymore. My fabric collection was taking over and I had no place to go with it. It was all just in big piles and in all honestly it was driving me nuts and I am one of those people that has to have a neat and organized spaces in order to work more efficiently. So, I drew up a plan and made my shopping list and on Sunday Oliver and I drove up to DC to go to Ikea and we filled the back of the minivan with Lots, and I do mean lots of boxes!!! BTW... I am so thankful to the great guys who helped me load all this stuff into our car and to Ole who helped me schlepp it all into the the house. So, first things first, we had to move all the dining room furniture out and find new places to put all that stuff. Thankfully, we were able to repurpose most of it in other places in our house and just the table and chairs need to go into storage. Then to start building and building and more building...not to mention relocating all the stuff that was in my sewing room so that I could move all the new stuff into place....So, that's how I spent my birthday and the next two days. Although, I have to say that most of yesterday was spent re-folding ALL that fabric and organizing it all by color and putting it all on my lovely new shelves. Ole and the kids keep saying it looks like a fancy fabric shop in here and I have to's pretty awesome!

So do you want to go on a little tour?

This a part of "The Great Wall Of Fabric" as I have dubbed it and you can see 
the top of my awesome new cutting table!
Those big wooden buttons have to be hung up yet, but I didn't want to start 
hammering first thing this morning...NOT a good Idea!

Next we move over to my sewing this, however, I do want to switch out the "Legs" for drawer units like I have under my desk...but I am in no hurry to rush back up to Ikea to get them. They will wait for the next trip! I have so much more space here to spread out and...hmmm, maybe even fit in another machine sometime soon...

Here's a better photo of my cutting table...LOVE THIS!!!! Tons of room underneath to store all kinds of "Stuff". Including boxes, bins and baskets of all kinds of little necessities..

Another shot of "The Great Wall Of Fabric". Just as a reference, each shelf is about 8' tall and 40" wide and I have 5 of them....can you say "That's A LOT of fabric!!!"

More shelves on another wall, these are only 3 shelves high instead of 6, and they hold some of my sewing magazines, more books, jars of ribbon, baskets of vintage lace, etc. etc. and on top my treasured featherweight and in all those drawers (which I want to paint white) they are filled with more, lace, trim, ribbon, rick-rack, bias tapes, piping and so on...everything I need to have fun!

Over in the corner is my tower of even more stuff....Jars and jars of buttons, my iron, and an antique silver candy dish filled with vintage hankies...and of course there's 
"Sergio" still looking as "hot" as ever!

another shot of my sewing table...with my chalk board and my inspiration board, but that's going to get relocated. I bought wall shelves which still need to be built (yuck) and then installed..that's what is in the box in the corner!

My desk....and my beloved iMac! Sorry the picture is not the greatest, but I took these really early this morning before the sun had really come out and I had to use artificial light. This is where all all that pattern writing and drafting happens and where I sit and talk to you....

More of the "Great Wall" this time showing off my yellow's, greens, blues, purples, browns, blacks, grays, whites and creams!

and finally another shot of the top of my cutting table with these cute wire baskets
 I found at good ole' TJ Maxx!

Keep in mind, I am not quite done. I want to give it a fresh coat of paint. I'm thinking a really pretty shade of a light butter yellow, new curtains and I really need to do something with that awful light fixture! But for now it's going to stay this way until I catch my breath and have had a chance to adjust to my new space. Now, I can't wait to get back to sewing!!!



My Precious Four said...

Amazing sewing space!

Fabienne said...

What a great sewing room! You must have so much fun creating your lovely dresses! It is really a place in paradise...

whocg23 said...

oh my goodness! i am in love with your sewing room! i would love to have a sewing room like that.

Amy said...

Such a beautiful and inspiring place to create!

So Jealous!!

Enjoy your new room and can't wait to see all of the wonderful designs you create!

Jan M said...

Looks like a wonderful place to create! I know you are enjoying it!

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

I am pretty sure I just fell in love...with your sewing space! So incredible!!! Can I have one??? Pleeeeeeeeeeeease, this makes mine look like a hovel! Lol

Unbalanced Mom said...

WOW! This is the female equivalent of the "Man Cave". LOVE IT!

Goosegirl said...

OOOH! I love it! Wonderful! And I do believe I spied some Trader Joe's Sweet Sticks next to your iron. Some of those live at my house too. And the wall of fabrics?? Oh wow! GORGEOUS!! So, this is what you were doing when I was breathing burning paint ball smoke, eh? I see your little chair and I so agree!
Hugs to you my friend. Happy new sewing room!

Mama Lusco said...

Wow! What an amazing sewing space and great wall of fabric :)

Laurie said...

Hmm... I'll have to show this to my husband. He just thinks I have more fabric than anyone. Wait until he see the "great wall".

I will be a wonderful place to create.

Ronda said...

OH Dawn I am just green with envy. What a wonderful space to create and work. I just know we will be seeing you featured in the where women create magazine next. WOW!

Harry said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Misty said...

What a glorious sewing room! Mine is a work in progress, but I am thankful to have a spare bedroom for my own space! I actually really love your light fixture! I want to get rid of my ceiling fan...can't use it in a sewing room unless I want to chase pattern pieces! I have one question...Did your cutting table come from IKEA too? Did you use two pices pushed together to make the table. I have the awful fold down thing from Joann's, and I want to get rid of it. It scares me...very wobbly, and I have four small children. I'd love to have something sturdy with storag like yours. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful room so that we might all be inspired to spruce up our spaces!!!

NanainCA said...

Ok Dawn I have to say that you have a fantastic sewing room. I wish I lived closer I would so help you as I have worked in 8yrs and I have so much fabric however my sewing room isnt as big as your but its full. I cant even sewing because I trip over everthing! Couple of things where did you get the ribbon holder and the drawers on the right? Also did you make your cutting table? I am in the process of making one if the weather holds up here in N Calif. I did get some great ideas. Now to find Jars big enough to hold my buttons. Thank you so much for posting your pics This has helped me so much. I like the color way that you store your fabric. I have been doing collections I cant anymore. I hope to start sewing little dress soon I've bought 8 or 9 of your patterns. Now I see the little blouse I going to look at now! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy every single moment of your new found fame so to speak!! Your Good!!sheri whiteley

Sandi said...

Beautiful! I wish I had space to store my fabric like that. Unfortunately, I have all of mine (and it is on par with the amount you have) in tubs in the garage and sorted via a database, but you cannot beat the visual you have there!. Enjoy creating in that beautiful space.

Anonymous said...

Dawn...WOW!!!! You did a fantastic job! What a dream sewing room!

With friendship,

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Hi Dawn, Found your wonderful room via Pinterest. Wow, what an amazing space you have here! I am sooo in awe of the wall of fabric! Love this space...your descriptions were great. I just put together three of the Billy shelves for my office, so I know how much fun it is to get that done! :)

Jessie @ Messy Jesse said...

just fabulous! I am crazy jealous of your great wall of fabric! hehe :)
Jessie, xo

Laura G said...

This is what heaven must look like to a fabric fanatic, and for a fabric fanatic like me this is heaven

Sylvia said...

I LOVE this! It's a dream sewing room :)


FiberBeads said...

This is an obscenely beautiful sewing room. You wall of fabric beats my wall of fiber--hands down. Sew and be happy.-Eleanore

The Nikkels said...

LOVE your craft room, and love your fabric wall even more!! I have 2 shelving units like that set up, waiting to be filled. BUT I'm struggling with the best way to fold the fabric. HOW did you fold the fabric on your shelves???


Candy S said...

Hi! I am visiting from Susan's "Between Naps on The Porch" I am so impressed with your sewing room. I used to be an avid sewer forty or so years ago. I love the shelves of material - that is totally WOW!!! I wish I had shelves like that for my plates. I saw Susan's comment about "Billy shelves" I will assume that is an IKEA product. I wish we had an Ikea store around here.

gibbygoo56 said...

Ok I'm in LoVe <3! This is candy for the eyes!

Susan said...

I LOVE the cutting table. Did you design and make it or did you purchase it? Your sewing room is amazing!!! Congratulations!!

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