Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Dress???

After putting up this new header the other day I started receiving a ton of email asking me which pattern this new design is. This is one I dreamed-up  a few weeks back when I was up to Chadwick's "Creating". This one was inspired by a Laura Ashley dress that I had seen a LONG time ago and I wanted to bring it back to life. These photos were taken on our trip to Florida a few weeks ago and they were some I decided not to use for the SB article. I love the dress but the photos...not so much! Poor Abby, she was such a trooper that day. It was the last day before we had to leave to come back home and we still had lots of photos to take and it was Chhhhhh.....chilly and really windy that day! So, the photos were not the best. You can almost see all the goosebumps on her she was so cold. Not to worry, I didn't torture her for very long and then afterward I treated her to a wonderful lunch at the Rainforest Cafe...which was a GIGANTIC hit!!! Plus, because it was her Birthday week she chose the biggest most obnoxious dessert on the menu....a chocolate volcano...yes, just let your imagination run wild...the thing was huge and it was just the two of us, needless to say we left A LOT behind! Anyway, back to the story of the dress. I really love the way it turned out, and yes, I do want to turn it into a pattern but so far I have only made one of these and I need to make several more before I can even think about making it into a pattern and then...there are all those other designs I need to work on as well...Oi!

Does anyone want to come work with me as my assistant??? I need more hands and more hours in the day!

Love her feet popping out of her shoes.....

So serious!!! 
This is so unusual for Abby, normally you can't turn her smile off!


So, for now all I have is more pictures for you to enjoy of Miss Abby shivering and her goofy toothless grin!



Bethany Lynn said...

I wish I could be your assistant! But alas, as you said, never enough hours in the day!

Goosegirl said...

ME! On a plane to you right now! Oh, I wish I could! You know I love those pics and I love Laura Ashley and I love you! Perfect combo!
I hope your birthday plus one day is great!

Fabienne said...

I wish I could.... You inspire me so much and it will be so much fun telling you about the european fashion (as a french living in Germany) .... But Germany is so far away from your place... Too bad!

Laurie said...

I'd come too! I have enough frequent flyer miles, but when I checked the calendar I have a costume apron due on Sunday and an audit dinner on Thursday. Dang!

I have wanted to visit your part of the country for quite a long time and someday it will happen! I'd love to visit the Christmas place, the historic sights, and of course, Chadwicks.

Stephanie said...

Oh I wish I were closer I'd help. You just let me know if you need someone to try out the pattern I'll gladly drop everything. I'm so looking forward to your Sew Beautiful spread.

Mama Lusco said...

Beautiful! I adore your designs :) Do you use pattern testers? Not a substitute assistant, but helpful for all that sewing... Once you have a group of trusted testers, they can help sew different sizes for you & give feedback about fit. I have 2 girls I sew for and am always happy to test! I've been testing for Little Lizard King, DMK Kids Wear, Whimsy Couture & Elle Inspired. Love to help you if needed :) mamalusco at ortelco dot net


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