Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Gingerbread




and "Henry"

Today was all about Gingerbread!!! 

This month we are taking a little break from our regular schoolwork and it's all about Christmas!!!! The history, traditions, foods, stories, songs, and so much more!!! Today Abby, Henry and I had so much fun reading about "The Gingerbread Boy" and "The Gingerbread Baby". Then afterwards I had planned a really fun project making Gingerbread people out of recycled grocery bags, felt and bits of ribbon and some buttons. I made a pattern of a gingerbread man and then traced it onto a recycled garbage bag and then cut them out, two for each one. Then made a slightly larger one out of white felt for the cream filling, then I used a small hole punch to make holes all the way around so the kids could practice their sewing skills and they stitched them together with white yarn to act as the frosting. After we made our "cookies" then we added the decorations and strung them onto a festive ribbon and hung them onto our kitchen china cabinet. Which works out perfectly because this years Christmas kitchen theme is all about "Gingerbread". We had an absolute blast making out sweet little gingerbread for each of them.

After our project was complete we had milk and cookies.... I bet you can guess what kind.....



Laurie said...

The gingerbread girls and boys are REALLY cute! I think I am gonna HAVE to make some tomorrow with my grandson! :)

Karen said...

They turned out so adorable!!


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