Friday, December 3, 2010

The Story Of The Yule Goat

Once upon a time there was a slightly obsessed mommy who was busy planning all kinds of fun and educational activities for her children for their Christmas celebrations. This year wanting to focus on holiday traditions from both Germany and Scandinavia where their families come from. Germany was no problem! With Ole being from Germany we have that one covered we are prepared for St. Nikolaus this Sunday evening and the kids are all anxious to put their boots out in hopes that Nikolaus will leave them treats and that Knecht Ruprecht will not leave them twigs and sticks. However, on the Scandinavian side we were lacking a few special touches, enter the Yule Goat....which fits in perfectly with our current studies of Norse Mythology and Christmas but you can read more about that here. We have a few small ones on our Christmas tree that I picked up when I was in Europe but I wanted something a little more substantial. Thank goodness for the web! I let my fingers do the walking and within a few minutes I had located the perfect Yule goats at my beloved Ikea and was ready to hop in the car and drive 2+ hours up to DC to get them ( I told you I was slightly obsessed) but when I checked the availability at our closest Ikea they were out of stock, so I checked the next closest store which was 3 hours away and still no Yule Goats...argh! To make matters worse these are not available for on-line purchase...double argh!! Then I checked the two Ikea's in Florida sort of close to my parents. Thinking I could send them on a wild goose, or rather goat chase and still No Goats!!! I was heart broken and almost defeated when I said "Pull yourself will get these darn goats somehow!!!!" Then I had an AH, HA moment and thought of my dear sweet friend Karen who lives near Chicago....I checked the availability in that Ikea and it said they had them!!!!!!! I quickly called Karen, explained my dilemma and within minutes she was driving an hour to go fetch my goats. I must say she said it was perfect timing because she had to go up there anyway so I wasn't too out of line. When Karen arrived at Ikea she called to tell me that they were sold out...."What is this????Are Yule Goats the hottest accessories this season?" but she assured me that all was not lost and she was heading to the other Ikea and they had two left....and here they are!!! They now happily sit on our mantle with various other Scandinavian treasures including our collection of Tomten.

Please tell me I am not the only crazy, and slightly obsessed mommy out there who goes a little nuts at holiday time!

Thanks again Karen you are an angel!!!!


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Karen said...

(hug) Anything for you Dawn :)


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