Monday, October 4, 2010


Octopus Brief

I have another really funny story for you....

Yesterday evening after the kids took their baths Henry came out proudly showing off his new octopus underpants (as seen above) that grandma had sent him. I, of course just gushed because they were so stinkin cute and Henry is so tiny that his undies are seriously about the size of a postage stamp! Abby of course had to show off her new undies as well that grandma had sent and her's had frogs and flowers on them. Abby and Henry both love wearing fun undies with their favorite things on them as most kids do and my mom is really good at finding unusual undies. I guess it's a grandma thing. I said to both of them..."You are so lucky! When you are a grow-up you don't get to wear all these fun underpants anymore." Abby then looks at Ole and says "Papi, I bet I know what kind of underpants you would like to have....MadMen underpants!" Ole almost choked on his wine and I had tears streaming down my face because I was laughing so hard. Then Ole said...."Ya, I don't think that is such a good idea Abby!" Oh, if only I could find Don Draper fabric to make him a pair of boxers to put into Christmas stocking. I think he would just about fall over.

Aren't kids the best!?


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