Sunday, October 3, 2010

Channeling My Inner Strega Nona

Today was yet another rainy day so I decided to spend my day in the kitchen preparing an extra special dinner for us to share this evening. I have been itching to use this, which I bought a long time ago from this very dangerous of my favorites!!!! I used a traditional egg pasta recipe and of course if I was going through the trouble of making the pasta I couldn't use any old sauce so I decided to try Ree's which sounded really must give it a try see the recipe here. Ole & the kids were humming around the kitchen all day basically getting under foot but they were all so excited by the smells coming from the kitchen they just couldn't stay away.

Just look at this sauce...I don't have a drop of Italian blood in me but I can tell a great sauce from a not so great sauce and this one was looking, smelling and best of all tasting amazing!
Once the sauce was all put together I started on my very first homemade pasta making adventure....I have to say it was very easy but very labor intensive and time consuming...but so much fun and the kids and I had an absolute blast making pasta together.

Just flour and eggs...hard to believe

after lots and lots of kneading...and a rest, for me and the dough

Several runs through the pasta machine...

the fruits of our labor...piles and piles of fresh pasta... it was everywhere!

a quick trip into a pot of boiling water and within a few minutes the noodles were done.

We had lovely fresh bread, a tossed salad and Ole and I even indulged and had wine with dinner. I don't usually drink but after all that hard work a glass of wine seemed like a good very appropriate with our dinner. Of course, did I think to take a picture of the final step a steaming bowl of fresh pasta with Rhee's delicious sauce and fresh parmesan on top...NO!!! But I can tell you that dinner was a huge hit and I got lots of " rock!", this is awesome", "you can make this again!" and so on....

While I don't think I will be making all of our pasta from now on it really was delicious and I will make it again sometime but I have new appreciation for all the work that goes into making homemade pasta! I highly recommend giving it a try because it really was hard to beat!


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