Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Big...Exciting...News!!!!!!

Okay, for several weeks now Terri and I have been working on a new project and today is the day that we launch our new shoppe..."Abigail & Elise"! I cannot tell you how excited we both are. This new shoppe has really been a labor of love for both of us. It all started one afternoon when we were chatting and we came up with the idea that Fairytale Frock & Lollipops needed a sister shop. We both agreed that with huge success of FF&L we should expand the business and open a sister shoppe. You know...kinda like how The Gap has Old Navy. Terri officially brought me on board and I will be heading up "Abigail & Elise" and be the chief buyer for both shops! The idea is that FF&L is the big sister, more contemporary with a sassy flair and then "Abigail & Elise" is her little sister who is much more classic and timeless! We have both been working round the clock along with both of Terri's daughters working on these shops! So, yes...FF&L is getting a huge facelift too! Although, she's not quite ready to debut quite yet..hopefully we will be ready by next week for the grand opening of the new and highly improved FF&L!!!

Now for the really exciting news....Boy, oh boy have we gone shopping!!!! You can't even imagine all the goodies we have ordered and that are on the way. Tons, and I do mean TONS of fabrics. patterns, laces, trims, buttons, books, and on and on...you are just going to be amazed at how much we are growing! So, please come visit us and Happy Shopping!!!!

Here is our official press release!!!

The opening of a very special sewing shoppe, “Abigail & Elise”! This is our new venture at Fairytale Frocks & Lollipops, a little sister shoppe. Filled with beautiful   fabrics, laces and trims, and other specialty & imported items. “Abigail & Elise” will also feature Dawn Hansen’s charming Olabelhe Patterns which are some of our customer’s favorites.  Dawn’s classic and timeless style is perfect for those who are searching for a look that reminds them of days gone by when little girls dressed like little girls. Our new shoppe is going to feature everything you need for creating a keepsake for someone very special.
Please visit us at www.abigailandelise.com
                          Dawn & Terri
Phone: (913)660-9603


Goosegirl said...

Oh Congratulations Dawn!!! How very exciting!! I can't wait to see all the pretties and know this will be a wonderful adventure! And I Love the name!

Fabienne said...

Congratulations and all the best! This shop is going to be a success! No doubt about it. I already love it...

Karen said...

Yayeee! Congrats Dawn!!!

Tabitha said...

Amazing! Congratulations!

Beth said...

Congrats! I was browsing - it looks great!


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