Thursday, July 22, 2010

What Is "Modern Vintage"?

A lot of people have asked me about my style and what I call it? Well, I'm not really contemporary nor am I way at the other end of the spectrum being more "heirloom". I tend to think of my style as somewhere in between blending both of these styles for a more unique "Modern Vintage" look. Most of my inspiration comes from old movies, children's books, vintage catalogues, old paper dolls and so on. Taking bits and pieces from the past and making those styles work with a modern twist. I have to admit I absolutely love dreaming up new ideas and thinking of ways to bring those adorable classic little girls styles back to life.

Now that Abby is 6 she is really starting to develop her own style, she still loves all things "girly" and pink and of course it has to twirl, but I am wondering where her taste will go and how I can incorporate these "Old Fashioned" styles for a little girl who is growing up in this time. I hope that she develops a style that is  fitting for her spunky personality and is uniquely Abby! Although I must confess that I dream of her wanting to be a little like  "Andie" in "Pretty In Pink". Wanting to go to thrift shops and hunt for vintage treasures and then bring them home and repurpose them into something spectacular. Mixing old with new and having a fabulous look. Of course, I will be right there all the way to help her.

I absolutely loved the 80's and yes, I had a style that was all my own. I didn't do the "punk" thing because there is just no way that I could carry off that look. But I had my own version of "modern vintage". I made a lot of my own clothes and also raided my grandmother's attic for vintage treasures. I will never forget the day when my granma asked me if I might be interested in a vintage black velvet cloak that she had...of course I jumped at the opportunity and when I saw it it was love at first sight. That gorgeous coat was one of my prized pieces in my wardrobe and every time I wore it I received tons of compliments...I still have that coat and yes, it will be passed on to Abby. I just hope she loves it as much as I did.  I was also big into "accessorizing" with lots of fun jewelry, especially pearls and anything with rhinestones, hats and scarves and of course great shoes! Just the other day I found my old jewelry box filled with all the costume jewelry that I used to wear and when I showed it to Abby she said "Mommy, DIAMONDS!!!!' Not quite... but, boy oh boy did her face light up. Especially when I gave it all to her to play with.

It's going to be so much fun to see what Abby's style develops into. But for now, I'm tickled that she still a little girl and happy to wear pink dresses that twirl!


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