Sunday, June 6, 2010

An Afternoon At Chadwick's

Yesterday, I spent the entire day at Chadwick Heirlooms...swoon...Pat and I spent the entire day chatting about fabrics and patterns and then we got to the good stuff...sewing!!! I brought my machine and quickly set up a little spot to settle in for a few hours of pure paradise. Pat and I decided we each wanted to make a "Lauren" except she was going to do her's heirloom while I stuck to what I do best. But first to pick just the right fabrics...which when you are in fabric paradise is not an easy task. I finally picked this beautiful floral with shades of yellow and aqua and then complimented it with a aqua and white micro gingham...perfect! Pat and I each worked on our projects and laughed, shared stories and had the best time. Sadly, the day slipped away and before we knew it it was time for me to say goodbye and head home, but believe me when I say..."I could have easily stayed for hours more!" In true Dawn fashion I had pretty much completed my dress before I left but had a few finishing touches to complete when I got home last night. I so enjoyed my day and I can't wait to go back sometime very soon! Thanks so much Pat...I had an amazing time, I'll be back soon!


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