Friday, June 4, 2010


What were we thinking???? Have you ever done anything crazy and impulsive later to find out it was a really bad idea? That would be a! Way back when Ole and I were young and spontaneous, "In Love" and not really thinking... we decided to run away to Aspen, CO and elope on Christmas Eve...very romantic and spectacular but not very practical...Fast forward several years and 4 kiddos later and we are even lucky to remember our Anniversary. I think last year I was sitting on the bathroom floor wrapping presents at some insane hour and Ole came into the bathroom and it hit us both and we said "Happy Anniversary" and that was it...not very exciting! So we came up with the idea of changing our Anniversary to another date so that it was at a better time of year when it wasn't so nutty and today is that day. Here's how we came up with the new date. It was exactly 15 years ago today that we met on a bright and sunny day in Boston. Ole finishing up his Ph.D at MIT and me happily working and enjoying life. Who knew that that day would have changed both of our lives forever. So the 4th was a good day...not to mention Oliver, Abby and I all have birthday's on the 4th day of different months so it's easy to remember. So, June 4th it was!!!

I can't believe it's been 13.5 years...we've moved several times, had 4 fabulous kids, settled into a wonderful life, gained a few pounds and acquired a few grey hairs along the way but it's been fun. That's not to say we haven't had a few bumps in the road, because we have had those too....but heck, it would be boring if everything always went smoothly. Our life is much different now than it was when we first more lazy days of lounging at our favorite book store reading and sipping some yummy drink from the cafe, no more romantic candlelight dinners, no more sleeping in on the weekends and slowly coming up to speed. Now, we hit the floor running, but I wouldn't change a thing...except maybe if I could figure out a way to add about 10 more hours to each day to get everything done that I would love to get accomplished. Right now it's pretty much all about the kids and enjoying them...because from what everyone tells us they will be grown and gone before we know it...and then we will have tons of free time to enjoy each other and do the things we always dreamed of doing...but the more I think about it...this is the stuff we dreamed about so I'm just going to enjoy this time and not worry about the future...One day at a time, right!

So Happy 13.5 years to us...I can't wait to see what happens next....



Goosegirl said...

Happy Anniversary Dawn and Ole! I hope you have a wonderful day.
I know it is all about the kids right now, but try to get away and have a fun dinner together to celebrate. Don and I forgot how to date for several years and have now been dating again when we can and it is different but still very fun.
Hey, are you going to post pics from market??? I am dying to see all the fun things you did!

Laurie said...

Congratulations! Enjoy that special date and may you have many more.

My husband and I always try to take a little time every day to stay connected with each other. It takes effort to stay involved in each others lives, but I believe that is what keeps couples together for the long haul, 22 years plus.

Annette said...

Happy Anniversary! You're right about the kids being grown before you know it. Now that we've adjusted to being empty nesters, we can focus on each other and are enjoying it just being the two of us again!


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