Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Parade Of Dresses~ Part 12

Today is the the last day of my "Parade Of Dresses" so I wanted to leave you with something extra special! We were out driving around looking for beautiful places to take pictures of Abby in this dress and we stumbled upon this amazing meadow filled with wild daisies and it couldn't have been more perfect! Talk about paradise for a little girl who loves flowers! We could have stayed there all day and she would have been blissfully happy. Too bad I had to have an allergy attack and that was the end of that! I don't think I have ever sneezed so much in my life!!! But it was all worth it and I did manage to get some beautiful photographs.

This is a dress that I made using several heirloom sewing techniques. I have to say I am planning on adding a lot more of these techniques to my sewing to make it that much more special! I have to tell you. I finally made it up to Chadwick Heirlooms this past weekend and words cannot express how I felt when I walked into the door of this truly magical place! Pat couldn't have been more welcoming and we spent hours together talking about fabric and sewing. I was completely overwhelmed and could have spent days there looking at every amazing treasure that they have. They even had a surprise for me...one of Pat's dear friends, Susan, was visiting for a few days and she was making up one of my designs done completely in heirloom. I honestly think it was the prettiest dress I have ever seen. I can't wait to see the finished dress. Pat and I have plans to have a sewing day together when I get back from Minneapolis and I can't wait. Honestly...when I die and go to heaven I want it too look exactly like Chadwick's, but for now I have heaven on Earth and just an hour drive away. Thanks again to Pat and all the ladies at Chadwick's for making me feel so welcome!!!

I will be leaving on Thursday morning Early to head off to Minneapolis for Quilt Market! I will try to check in if I have time, but if I don't have time...I promise to give you a full report when I get back. Until then I'm signing off for a few days.



Goosegirl said...

Beautiful beautiful!
Our daisies are trying valiantly to bloom but Ahnalin keeps picking the buds to make daisy chains!
Abby looks wonderful in her lovely dress. I am glad you had fun at Chadwicks Heirlooms. We have nothing like that here and I would love to see it. Have loads and loads of fun at market!!! I can't wait to see the pics.

Beth said...

Gorgeous dress! Love the daisies too.
Have a fun trip - can't wait to hear all about it!

Laurie said...

Yes, the daisies, pure and simple go great with yellow tea roses. Sophisticated, yet playful, just like Abby and her dress.

Hmm..... maybe they will have some at the quilt market.

Looking forward to the heirloom dress. Maybe you should propose a challenge for us sewers!

organicmommy said...

Absolutely stunning! I can't wait for you to get back and tell us about your trip! And hopefully you will start over on sewing up some more fun for us to see as well.

Megross said...

The photos in the daisies are just stunning! We can tell your daughter was having a blast.

I am so glad you made it into Chadwicks. Pat is a dream to work with. Our smocking guild is making a return field trip visit to her store on June 18. Alas I will miss it as we will be on our way to a wedding. I know the gals are going to have a fun trip. Did you sign up for convention?


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