Monday, May 17, 2010

Parade Of Dresses~ Part 11

Here is another new design that I have been working on...What do you think??? Pattern...Yes?/No?
Tomorrow is the last day of "The Parade of Dresses", I have to say this has been a lot of fun and I am going to miss it too. I want to thank all of you who commented on them, and yes!!! Abby and I have an absolute blast together no matter what we are doing. She truly loves going on photo shoots and we always do something special after each shoot.,,, a trip to the candy shop, or Claire's for new "jewels", sometimes Abby chooses ice cream or we have even gone sticker shopping...this time however her choice was flowers! We went to the flower shop and she picked out 5 bouquets of flowers...a bit extreme I know, but after modeling 12 dresses in the scorching heat she deserved it!! I had to get creative with vases because I don't have that many but we managed and in the end her room was filled with flowers and she was in heaven! Terri even indulged Abby's flower obsession and sent her a beautiful basket of flowers! You should have seen the look on Abby's face when they were delivered...priceless!

Only one more dress to go....stop back tomorrow for the conclusion of "The Parade Of Dresses".



Tonyslady said...

I say yes on this pattern...of course i love all your patterns...but i could just see this dress made up with a bunch of ruffles up the back ;)

Leah said...

Dawn, this dress is lovely--of course you should do a pattern! I am, however, still awaiting the long-promised Lydia dress pattern. Any idea when that one might make it into your work flow??? :)

Laurie said...

Yes to a pattern. I have a piece of Robyn Pandolf fabric just waiting for it. Hope I don't have to wait too long.

I loved hearing about Abby and her flowers! I'm a flower person also.

I keep meaning to mention that daisies are one of my favorites and the picture of Abby running through the field is just uplifting!

organicmommy said...

YES YES on the pattern. OMG my kids can be dressed to the hill!
She is beautiful and I love that fabric for that dress! So girly!

Beth said...

YES to the pattern, of course! Love the bow in front :)


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