Friday, February 19, 2010

Watch Out 'Fancy Nancy"...There Is A New Girl In Town!!!!!

I just had to give you all a quick sneak peek at what I have been up to. Abby and I are going to a "Fancy Nancy" Tea Party tomorrow and I couldn't wait to create something special for Abby to wear. We decided to take our inspiration from the Fancy Nancy book "The Posh Puppy". I used the Farbenmix "Insa" pattern for the skirt part of the dress but I added a crinoline underneath to make it more "poofy" then at Abby's request we jazzed it up with lace, ribbon and trims. It's a bit hard to tell from the photos but the ribbons are all done with puppy paw cute is that?! Then I added a poodle applique and pink ribbon for the leash. The top is just a simple peasant top which I had planned to make into a top, but Abby had very different ideas and wanted it attached to the skirt so that it would be a one piece dress and not separates!!! Boy, oh boy does she have her own ideas! Then we added sparkly beads, a crown and of course a funky hot pink feather boa and her look is complete.

Of course I had to do some pretty heavy duty bribing to get her to go outside to snap some pictures because it's still really cold here and as Abby put it so delicately "Mommy, I'm going to freeze my butt off!" ( notice the piles of snow on the ground in the pics) So, the pictures aren't the best, but I plan to take more tomorrow at the actual tea party which should be an absolute blast! Especially because we are going with Abby's best friend Sabrina, and her mom Shelly. It's guaranteed to be a fabulous time!



Christie said...

Dawn, this is an awesome outfit. I've been promising to make my daughter one like Fancy Nancy's because the dress-up ones at Target are both flimsy and cheap looking and also too small for her. I will be bookmarking your post to refer back to when I get around to making an outfit like this for her. Great work and thanks for the inspiration!!!

Goosegirl said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!! I love it!! So would Ahnalin. Wish we were going with you all. It would be so fun!
Do post pics after the tea party.


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