Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Results Are Coming In!

Yeah.... I've started getting feedback from my testers about "Natalie" and it's looking good. However, I do have a few little kinks to work out but hopefully I can resolve those issues fairly easily. One of my testers sent me some beautiful photos today of her gorgeous little girl wearing the dress she made from the test pattern and I just had to share them with you. Thank You so much "S" for doing such a wonderful job! My Tester "S" has made two dresses so far with this pattern. One with, and one without the crinoline and it's unanimous both she and her daughter love the one with the crinoline!! I have to admit, I like it a lot more with the crinoline myself but for those mamas who are not so much into the "poof" I wanted to make it an option in the patters and not a requirement.

So, as you can see the ball is rolling and it shouldn't be too much longer before this one will be ready! Start picking out your Easter dress fabrics and get your machine ready. You'll be able to sew this one up before you know it!



Beth said...


Bella said...

Beautifull..I be working in mine but have the wrong thread..When go to the store everything here is close for 9 days for the chinese new year I have no idea this will happen I new in this country soo mad hope they open by saturday I would like to finish mine too :-(

Mrs. M said...

Thanks for the great comments Dawn, but it was easy with your wonderful pattern. I'm glad that you liked the results that I came up with. Hugs, Sarah


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