Thursday, February 11, 2010

Guess Who's Next????

Meet Lydia....

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress. I think of all the gazillions of dresses that I have made for Abby this one is my all time favorite! Not to mention, I have had tons of people emailing me about it so the time has come to turn it into my next pattern. Now...don't get too excited. I haven't even started putting it together yet. But I have it all in my head so with a little luck and cooperative kids I can start working on it this weekend.

This dress is just breathtaking...if I do say so myself ..wink.. I honestly can't wait to make it again. I have my fabrics all picked out and ready to go. I will warn you this dress takes a lot of fabric. It has a very full double skirt and a built in crinoline. So keep a watch for more details about "Lydia".

Oh btw..."Natalie" has gone out for testing!



Misty said...

You are TALENTED!!!

Bella said...

Ohh yes I have my fabric ready for this too!!!!! :-)


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