Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Best Day Ever!!!

Today was the Big Fancy Nancy Tea Party! Abby and her "BFF" Sabrina got all dolled up and we mamas tagged along for all the fun. It was held at a very special local attraction which was the perfect backdrop for a fabulous day. First a yummy lunch of little tea sandwiches, fresh fruit and very special sweet treats. Then Mrs. Claus was there to read all the little girls a "Fancy Nancy" story. After that our girls pretty much entertained everyone else there. I cannot tell you how much fun they both had dancing and twirling all over the place and having the time of their lives. They even got to chat with Santa Claus who was also there for the afternoon.

Thankfully these tea parties are a huge hit and they will be a regular event here. So, we have already added it to our calendar for next month. I asked Abby if she wanted to wear her very special Fancy Nancy outfit that I made her next time...her response "Mom, I can't wear the same thing twice! You need to make me a new outfit for the next one and that one needs to be even fancier!!!" Seriously...what was I thinking how tacky to wear the same thing twice. Oi... I'd better get to work on the next one. But I have to admit I had an absolute blast making the first one so the next one should be even more fun!


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Bella said...

These two girls look so gorgeous... :-)


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