Tuesday, February 23, 2010

He's Going To Need A Therapist!


This morning I did something I swore I would never do! I made Henry wear a dress and he was "NOT" happy with me! I am still working on my latest pattern and I needed to make a few adjustments in the smaller sizes. Now that Abby is getting bigger it's harder to get the smaller sizes graded just right because I don't have a smaller sized model at home...well, I actually do but as I said I really wanted to avoid putting little Henry in a dress, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I promise it was quick and I took Sam's advicve and paid him off in M&M's to relieve my guilt. No pictures though...I really couldn't do that!

Anyway, the new pattern pieces have been drafted and I am even going to add size 2 to my latest design because so many people have asked for it! It should only be a little bit longer before it's published and available for purchase!



Stephanie said...

If you need me to make another one with the new pieces let me know. Emily loves the two I've made her so there are more planned regardless.

Sarahnthegirls said...

Hahaha!! Poor little guy. Brings back memories of my dressing up some of my younger brothers. Too funny.

Yay for more sizes. Are you considering adding a larger size? I would LOVE to see a 10 or even 12. This is such a classic dress!

Beth said...

Hooray for size 2!!! ;) and I think your son will forgive you -especially if you keep giving him M&Ms!

Karen said...

I will come clean too . . .I've done this to Noah as well when Savannah refused to try on something I was making. I'm hoping he doesn't remember it now :D


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