Monday, January 4, 2010

Olabelhe For These Cold Winter Days

Front view
Back view

Here is a great tip... When you think of most of my designs you think of easy breezy summertime. So, here is a great idea. You can use my "Emily's Camisole" pattern and make it up in baby wale cord like I did in this one. Then you can put it over a cozy long sleeved-T or turtle-neck. I found this adorable Hello Kitty Corduroy from an Etsy Seller in Japan. I used chocolate brown grosgrain ribbon to accent and make a cute little bow in the back. In the picture above it's pictured with a chocolate corduroy bubble skirt, but this morning Abby wore it with Chocolate brown Corduroy pants because it's so bitter cold outside. Yet another great piece to add to your little girl's Fall/Winter wardrobe!

Remember you can always double click on my images to enlarge them to see more detail.


1 comment:

Beth said...

Cute! I'm loving that top fabric. And the fine wale bubble skirt - nice touch.


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