Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Mama..I Have Yucky Bugs In My Nose!"

Poor Henry has a cold!

but... I just had to share this cute story from today... Here is the conversation between Henry and I. However, I should give you a tiny bit of background before I start. When Oliver was little we came up with a clever way to explain a virus. We just thought it would be much easier for a little brain to understand something they could imagine so we came up with the idea of "teeny tiny microscopic bugs"...I know what you're thinking ...."Eeeewwww" but it worked, and it stuck!

Okay so back to today's story~

The Scene
Henry curled up on my lap, thumb in and his green blankie in his other hand....always a sign of being tired or not feeling well.

Henry- ( all done in a very stuffy nose voice) "Mama, I have the bad bugs in my nose."

Me - "It's okay, they will go away soon. The best thing for you to do is to go take a nap so the good bugs in your nose can get rid of the bad bugs and then you will feel a lot better. It's much easier for the good bugs to work when you are sleeping"

Henry - "I don't want to take a nap!" while he rubs his eyes and sniffs some more

Me - "But you will feel better if you do."

Henry - "Mama, can you get the bad bugs out of my nose?"

Me - "No sweetie, I can't"

Henry - "Is it too dark in you need a flashlight to see the bad bugs?"

Me - "No, they are too tiny for mommy to see"

Henry - "Do you need new glasses mama?"

Me - "No, nobody can see them. "

Henry pauses to think.......

Henry - "Then put your finger in there and get them out"

Me - "Nope, that doesn't work either."

Henry - "Why is your finger too big?"

Oh, to be 4 again!


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Amy said...

Too Cute!
Hope he gets to feeling better soon!
Having bugs in your nose is the pits! LOL


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