Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Heaven Help Me!!! We Have Our Own Boy Band!!

I may have three little rockers on my hands! Today Elliott received a package in the mail from my folks....RockBand for our Wii system. My dad had always joked that he was going to buy the boys drums when the time was right. I thought he was kidding. Needless to say the boys are having an absolute blast with it. Elliott had been requesting the Lego version of RockBand and with his 8th birthday just a few days away, I guess my dad thought this was the "right time"!

Of course the package came right in the middle of our History lesson today. Way to go from ancient Egypt to rock music. So, I completely gave up on Pyramids and went right to "Pink". Hey, I guess I could think of this as music class...right??? Please tell me it's going to be alright? My goodness the boys are just 10, almost 8 and 4. I can just see Abby dancing on the coffee table and doing vocals and little Henry as their "Roadie" making sure everything is cabled correctly, or not.

I really hope my dad was kidding about the puppy!!!

Mental Note To Self:

Be sure to pick up a mega bottle of Tylenol at Target tomorrow! and Yes, I know they all need haircuts badly!!! But hey, it worked out great for their first photo session! Rock stars are supposed to have long hair...aren't they?



Goosegirl said...

Haircuts? No way!! They just look like a blond version of the Beatles! Rock On boys!

Kirstin said...

Jim would never joke about drums! What better way to drive his daughter crazy :)


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